Thursday, August 04, 2005

If humans never walked the Earth...

I have been an environmentalist since high school, some would say it is a noble endeavour while some would say it is a big fucking waste of time. Honestly, I do not have the luxury of time to care what people think about my chosen path... except a few minutes here and there to think: WHAT IF HUMANS NEVER WALKED THE EARTH?

Some people would say this is a very radical way to think but I can't help it, I am radical! I have read books and seen movies where a parasitic race goes to a planet, consumes all resources, poisons that world and then pack up and find another place to destroy. Does that race sound familiar? Here on Earth it is still on a micro level: humans have spread to islands and continents and after consuming everything goes on to a "greener pasture".

How about taking it to the next level then? Why is our race now so keen about finding other habitable planets? Is it because our primary instincts are warning us that the Earth's capacity to support life is slowly fading away? If we are to survive the best thing to do is ensure that our life support systems will have the capacity to do so, in this case Earth, or do what a parasite would: pack up and find another host to feed on.

If humans never walked the Earth, would this place be better? Or would another race commit the same mistakes?

Why this post so early in the morning? It is a healthy exercise and it clears the mind...

Now back to work and I hope whoever reads this starts thinking about their role in saving this planet we call home.


Anonymous T said...

All in favor of the 'radical' approach. Without it the moderates (in which group I count myself), would be the radicals and nothing would ever be achieved.

I like your approach on fish-feeding in Anilao. We don't like it, we don't approve of it, but we recognize that it is going to happen, so confine and control it to designated locations.

Ghandi had the best approach. He would have liked to have espoused "Do NO harm." Instead, in realization of himself that it was not possible (even) for him, he preached "Do LESS Harm." Wise old bugger!

Thursday, August 04, 2005  

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