Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rainbow weekend

Thursday... a day before the much awaited A'MANILAhhhh... Circuit Asia Party (hope I got that right) in celebration of Gay Pride.

I remember the first ever Manila Gay Pride Celebration which turned out to be my big coming out party. Walked around with my boyfriend J├Ârgen and we were interviewed by local and international television. To make the long story short our interview was shown here and abroad which elicited various reactions from family and friends. It was fun though, and LIBERATING!

HAPPY PRIDE to everyone!

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I was quite disappointed waking up this morning and finding myself in Manila instead of in Anilao or in Donsol. I was dreaming of diving last night from seeing nudibranchs to swimming with mantas and whale sharks.

The experience I had with the mantas and whale sharks a few months back was surreal, even karmic. I could still picture in my head the turbid waters of Manta Bowl and the raging currents that make you HEAR the rush of water while you try to stay put. I could still see the mantas gently and gracefully flapping their wings without much effort at all to stay in place. I could still remember the biggest one which glided and inspected us from above. The pictures speaks for itself, enough said.

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Seeing the whale sharks though require a lot of waiting, jumping off the boat, swimming as fast as you can, looking into the silty waters and waiting for the unmistakable silhouette with white spots, swimming faster to keep up with these gentle giants, getting on the boat and more waiting. I had to wear a weight belt to be able to go underwater easily to take pictures. There was a time a 9-metre whale shark was obviously investigating me with its eye. I felt so much of an intruder then, bothering his or her morning feeding. How would we feel if somebody takes pictures of us while having our meals without asking permission?

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Next year, I will try to visit Donsol and Manta Bowl again. Any takers?


Anonymous ver said...

i luv 2, i luv tu, count me in, cownt me inn... i want 2 cumm too...

Friday, July 22, 2005  

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