Thursday, June 16, 2005

Incoherent Thursday

Something about Thursday always makes me feel that I am somewhere between salvation and damnation. I guess knowing that this day is a day before the day before the weekend makes me yearn that the day is over and it will be the weekend again... (beat that! you can only use the word day in a sentence so much hehe)

Just recovered from flu, yes I was under the inFLUence. Took two long years before the bug got me and, as always, it feels like you're over 100 years and life is so unfair. But then again, flu or no flu, life can be very unfair. No fair! So who's complaining?

Karmic Ties. Finished preparations for my meeting at 3:00 pm for my big activity next week so spending time to clean up my hard drive. Saw pictures of me and my good friends Jan from the Netherlands and Joren from Belgium. Met them at the induction for new Greenpeace staff in Amsterdam last November and kept in touch. It was strange that out of more than 30 participants, we hit it off immediately and spent time together like we always did. We had a reunion in Ghent, Belgium upon the invitation of Joren who showed us around his picturesque and historical town. We went to the Torture Castle to look at implements of war and human confessional tools as I would call them. You could almost feel and hear the pain from ages ago. This is where we sat down and started talking about so many things including our personal lives. Jan concluded we were brothers or probably good friends in our past lives. Why?

- we belong to a families were there are four children
- the three of us were born second
- we all have older sisters
- only jan has a younger sister and brother, joren and I have younger brothers

Coincidence? A definite NO!


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