Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ze Blanc Party!

Had a busy day and that will be the pattern for the next few weeks traveling to Mindoro, Isabela, Bohol, Negros and South Cotabato. I will have a very busy (a BIG understatement) July and there's no salvation... except my Coron trip on July 15 to 18. Looking forward to it so much that I want to look for Murphy and lock him up before those dates. Haha!

The White Party in Malate was a lot of fun last Saturday night. Seeing all those non-heterosexuals, I made a joke to my friends that at this rate humankind will be extinct in a hundred years!

I never really "dressed up" for any party before nor wear a costume and this time I decided to uphold the theme of the party and, as suggested by my friend Sarah went as a Seaman. Yup, gay men and women love seamen. Pun intended!

Marilyn, a Seaman and Two Mermaids in fishnets!
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Sarah was simply stunning, divine and a head-turner in her Marilyn Monroe costume. Don't you think so? Everyone (man, woman, gay, lesbian, young and old; you name it!) just couldn't stop staring at her and say:

Oh.. Marilyn!
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A Pride Celebration will never be complete without a "Drag Show" or Men Dressed as Women (but more gorgeous, hehe!) or Women's Clothes with Men Underneath... Haha! This is fun! Anyway it started with a repertoire from the movie Chicago and the crowd cheered the performers on! What crossed my mind was: "These people are very talented and brave. Are those in the audience, like me, (who have never been in drag) applauding because of the great show or because we won't be caught dead being in drag. I think it's both: I lack the talent and the guts to do it!

Them Gurls!
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Diana Rose (get the drift?)
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Marilyn and a Gurl
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Me and a Babe (told you they love seamen)
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Boys united, cannot be divided! On the bottom or the top when we go we go pop! (Boy Pop by Book of Love). This song kept playing on my mind while watching the gogo boys strutting their bodies on the stage. This fallen angel rocks! I wouldn't mind falling with him! Ha ha!

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After a whole weekend of partying, it's time to work and then next weekend: Dive and Windsurf.

Life could be fair sometimes. Hehe.

Thanks Sarah for the camera and some of the pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey fellow blogger! nice pics! and nice blog! i aint tellin u mine nyahahahahahahahahahah!!

paopao (buddy's buddy)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005  

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