Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have been doing environmental work for the past 22 years of my life, which is more than half of my mortal life on this earth so far. Some people have asked me if I don't get tired nor frustrated being involved in a noble albeit very difficult (and some would say "hopeless") cause.

I would agree that it is indeed a stressful, exhausting and more often than not frustrating cause to be in but it is not hopeless... there are big and small things that happen once in a while that reminds us why we choose the path we choose to tread.

I was sitting quietly (mostly lying down) the other night in my room when a feature on African penguins titled "City Slickers" was showing on Animal Planet. It is about penguins living amongst humans (or humans living in what used to be penguin habitat...). During the feature, it showed how an oil spill has killed a lot of penguins and how people worked together to save what remains of the penguin population that's already threatened by a lot of other factors. To make the long story short, thousands of penguins were hauled, washed, cleaned and later on released back into their environment after the spill...

I cried... I don't normally cry watching sad movies but this feature made me cry because it moved me and reawakaned my conviction that we humans play a crucial role in getting this planet back in shape, no matter how small or big, every effort counts...


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