Saturday, April 29, 2006

5 Hours to Cool Down....

What does one do when everything is out of your hand and you feel like good ol' Murphy is pulling strings here and there?

Arrived at the office last night and started catching up with my emails when I realised that my plane ticket is not on my desk nor on the fax machine and it was past 11:00 pm already. Called up our travel agent but could not reach her mobile phone, her landline was ringing but no one was picking up. Searched the office in vain but still no ticket.

Spent the night trying to call reach her and finally got hold of her at 5:15 am. Just one catch: my flight to Legaspi is at 7:00 am and my office is in Kamias, Quezon City. Found out that the fax machine was not working last night and it was still not working this morning so I asked her to email it instead then rushed to the airport.

Got to the airport at least 40 minutes before my intended flight and, even at 10 metres, I could "feel" tempers on the edge. Turned out PAL overbooked the flight and all of us have lost our seats. Great huh?

Last year when I and my friends were also going to Legaspi and the flight was delayed for 3 hours. We complained, wrote a letter but PAL enever did anything to compensate us for the inconvenience. Now, it is the same thing all over again. We were being accused of being late when, in fact, the rule is: check-in counters would close 30 minutes before the flight (now they're saying it's 45 minutes). Damn! After heated exchanges with a non-person (a jerk, if you may) with a fancy title (manager or supervisor... he's still an a**hole) I decided to call our travel agent and get booked on Air Philippines.

And here comes the answer to my question: get a cab (if needed) and go to the nearest Starbucks (or a more politically correct place with wifi) and type and surf away...

Going back to PAL, I pity all of us Filipinos who have such a lousy national airline. There was a foreign couple (the woman is pregnant) whom I admire for their calm and composure arguing with the manager until the manager dismissed them with: I can't do anything anymore since you are late! The guy raised his voice but not even by much. But what he said should be the shame of PAL: this is not service at all!

Plane Always Late
Philippine's Airline is Lousy
Plane Assholes Love


Friday, April 07, 2006

The Train Left Already...

There are times when I look back and realise that I've met quite a few people who might have been more than a passing acquaintance or a friend. Was sending SMS back and forth with someone I met a few years back last night...

D: There comes a time when one realises there are things one should've done at the opportune time... However when one missed that chance, it might be too late but sill worthwhile to make amends... Just remembered our night chatting by the beach in Donsol. I could've loved you but I was afraid...
W: Before you knew me better :)

D: Sort of... But having close brushes with death lately that I decided to tell people I know what I should've told them a long time ago. In your case I was so afraid I'd fall too deep
W: Am kinda overwhelmed. How have you been?

D: Overwhelmed with what? I have been drowning myself with work to drown out my depression and need for intimacy. Mask off now, if you don't like it tell me. You said you hated typing so just tell me when you've reached your limit...
W: Just finished with a LONG dat at work; BKK-Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai- Kunming, Kunming - Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai - Bangkok. Am afraid anything coming out of my mouth right now will be insufficient of what I want to convey.

D: Why?

... silence

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Look at you now, you're disenchanted,
can't believe how things can change.
Take a little out of life and things get strange.
And now you find the wishes you were granted,
things you thought were in your hands,
have slipped away.
How much can you withstand?

The wasted time, the money spent,
a sign that reads 'For Sale or Rent'.
And everything is at a standstill,
and where's someone who'll be on hand till
you're no longer disenchanted,
thinking everything is wrong?

You know you're not the only one to wait so long.
I wonder, can you try again?
Are you that strong?